Saturday Night Live has satirized last week's competing town hall broadcasts between U.S. President Donald Trump and contender Joe Biden.

This weekend's opening sketch was introduced with text scrolling across the screen and a voice reading the message: "On Thursday, Vice President Biden held a town hall, as scheduled, on ABC.

"At the same time, NBC laid a thirst trap for President Trump. One town hall was a thoughtful, cogent discussion of the issues facing our country. The other featured President Trump. We now present a rebroadcast of those town halls the way most Americans watched them... Flipping back and forth, trying to decide between a Hallmark movie and an alien autopsy. This is Dueling Town Halls."

Alec Baldwin reprised his role of Trump in an interview that devolved into a pro wrestling match where moderator Savannah Guthrie (Kate McKinnon,) hit him with a folding chair.

Jim Carrey played Biden as a rambling version of children's television star Fred Rogers and painting guru Bob Ross, neither of whom offered clear answers to the questions they were asked.

Issa Rae was the episode's guest host and Justin Bieber provided the musical entertainment.