The Oral-B brand of toothbrushes is banking on Tia Carrere, A Martinez and Fabio to make their new line as personally passionate as the Internet will allow.

The marketing campaign for the Sensitive Advantage line centers around the Web site, which allows online visitors to get in on the action by typing their names into the narrative and then picking one of the three celebrities to read it.

"Her thoughts drifted back to where she first saw Fabio in the Western Woods, standing astride the waterfall, its curtain of roiling mist playing about his naked torso," a narrator says.

Then Fabio's distinctive Italian voice pipes in: "I will shower you with diamonds," before he extols the virtues of the new brush.

Jill Lewis, business director for Oral-B, told the Boston Herald the purpose of the campaign is to combine the product's two qualities, sensitivity and strength, in one entertaining package that appeals to the brand's target demographic of women 35-years old and over.

Lewis didn't explain Carrere's inclusion in the otherwise macho package, however.