A Maryland man collected his second major lottery prize thanks to a set of numbers that he says came to him in a dream.

Richard Joyner of Havre de Grace told Maryland Lottery officials the numbers 4, 8, 5 and 6 appeared in a recent dream, and he recognized they were the same numbers that appeared on a form he often processed while in the U.S. Army -- 4856 Army Developmental Counseling Forms.

"I've dreamt of numbers from dates, events and sports all my life. I just try to use them to my advantage," Joyner said.

Joyner said he did some research and discovered the numbers from his dreams also seemed to be frequent lucky numbers for past Keno and Racetrax lottery games, so he tried them out on five virtual horse races in the Racetrax game at the Aberdeen Sunoco store.

The numbers earned him a $15,252 jackpot.

Joyner previously visited lottery headquarters in September 2018, when he scored a $39,697 Racetrax jackpot. He said the numbers from that game also appeared to him in a dream.