Jamie Lee Curtis says she loves organizing closets and kitchens in her spare time.

In an appearance Friday on TV's "The Nate Berkus Show," the star of "You Again" helps the host kick off his "Get Ahead of It" campaign and shares her tips for keeping the house tidy, particularly the floors.

"After a party, when my guests have all left. And I have loaded the dishwasher and it's a running all quietly with energy efficiency. And my family has all gone upstairs and the dogs are all walked, and everything is quiet in the house. Mommy likes to get out the rags on Mommy's feet. And Mommy likes to speed skate," Curtis said.

Told by Berkus she is an organizational maven because her home is so orderly, Curtis replied, "I would put me in the maven category."

"And so humble," Berkus teased.

"I'm not humble at all, you know why? I'm not humble about things I know I'm freaking good at," she said. "At my son's school, I auction my abilities to clean out your closets, and kitchens ! I know what my best stuff is! I really do think that emotional housekeeping can only happen when your external housekeeping has taken place."