Ryan Reynolds reports he "crashed" a promo junket for Hugh Jackman's latest film "Eddie the Eagle" to ask a few unexpected questions to the "X-Men: Wolverine" actor.

The "Deadpool" star and husband to actress Blake Lively sat with friend Jackman and presented a series of inquiries which could have doubled as sideways compliments about his acting career, looks and X-men persona.

"Many actors enjoy performing their own stunts," Reynolds said. "Do you do all your own acting?"

"If there's sex scenes I do them," Jackman quipped. "Key to a good marriage."

Reynolds went on to ask various unrelated questions regarding Eddie the Eagle, with which Jackman went pleasantly along with, before asking whether the "X-Men" actor, whose Wolverine character exists in the same universe as Deadpool, ages at all.

"Not since 2008," Jackman said, to which Reynolds responded with another compliment about his looks.

At the end, the duo did some "scene work," where they improvised a skit involving a knife.

The move to interview together may be a link regarding an upcoming face-off or cameo involving the two in either the upcoming "X-Force" or a supposed "Deadpool" sequel.