Animal rescuers in Wales said a non-native snake found perched on a resident's outdoor trash bin was likely an escaped pet.

The RSPCA said the 4-foot corn snake was found Wednesday atop a resident's garbage bin in the Cyncoed area of Cardiff and turned over to the animal rescue group.

"This poor snake was found lethargic and very cold, after being discovered atop a Cyncoed green wheelie bin," RSPCA animal collection officer Gary Lucas said.

He said the snake is being cared for at a reptile center in Dudley.

"We're grateful to the caller who found the snake and got in touch -- and the animal is now safe and being cared for at a specialist center," Lucas said.

The RSPCA is trying to find the owner of the snake, believed to be an escaped pet.

"Sadly, RSPCA Cymru officers often deal with incidents concerning abandoned or escaped exotic animals," Lucas said.

"It is so important people understand what they will need to do to meet the animal's complex needs, and that accommodation is always secure, safe and appropriate."