Tiffany Haddish discussed using a secret tape recorder during auditions to hear what casting directors thought of her while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The comedian and actress told Corden on Monday that she would place the recorder in her purse and purposefully leave her purse behind after her audition. She would then come back 10 to 15 minutes later to retrieve her purse and listen to what they said about her.

"I remember there was an argument between two people in the room. One person was like, 'She's perfect for the part' and the other person's like, 'She's too urban, she's just a little too ghetto for us,'" Haddish recalled about a conversation she heard on the recorder.

"The other person was like, 'Well that's what this character needs though. She brings the funny, nobody else brought the funny,'" she continued before stating that she did end up with the part.

Haddish also discussed achieving EGOT status, which translates to winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Haddish already has an Emmy and recently won the Grammy for Best Comedy Album for Black Mitzvah.

"Initially it was not a goal of mine. My goal is just to bring joy and happiness to others. To entertain and make a [expletive] ton of money," she said before stating that she is thinking about the EGOT now and how she could win a Tony for performing in the musical Damn Yankees.

Haddish and Corden also took part in a Side Effects sketch about the side effects of rejoining society after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The duo discussed the side effects of trying to date again and returning to the office after working from home.