Jesse Plemons said working with his real-life partner, Kirsten Dunst, on the film The Power of the Dog is "so much fun," and the couple hope to continue working together.

Plemons and Dunst play husband and wife George Burbank and Rose Gordon on the western drama, which opened in select theaters on Nov. 17 and starts streaming on Netflix Dec. 1.

"It's the second time we've done that and we're hoping to just continue working together. It logistically makes it a lot easier," Plemons told CBS Mornings. "There's a shorthand that you have with your spouse that you can kind of cut through everything. And any idea that either one of us have we can kind of throw it out without any ego being attached to it. It's so much fun, and she's so incredible."

Based on a novel by Thomas Savage, the film depicts George bringing his new wife, Rose, and her son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) home to live with him and his brother, Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) on their ranch in 1925.

Rose and Peter face resentment from Phil, and Peter develops a plan to save his mother.

Plemons and Dunst previously played a married couple on the FX series Fargo.

"Creatively, we're so in sync," Dunst told ET. "Then we got together about a year after working together. Then this project came along, first for Jesse, and the idea of working with [director] Jane Campion, it's just a dream come true."

The Power of the Dog, which co-stars Thomasin McKenzie, Genevieve Lemon, Keith Carradine and Frances Conroy, premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in September.