Deliberations have begun in the trial of a Swedish woman accused of using human bones as sex toys.

The 37-year-old woman was released Friday as deliberations began in Gothenburg District Court on a charge of violating the peace of the dead, with a verdict expected Dec. 17, Swedish news agency TT/The reported Friday.

Investigators said 397 bones, 15 skulls and 13 teeth, all from humans, were found in the woman's house in September.

The woman's defense lawyers argued the prosecution's witness testimony was unreliable.

"Witness testimony about sexual activities with the skeleton parts is based on secondhand information which have been shown to be nothing more than drunken rants," Stanislaus said. "Our understanding is that the whole prosecution has tried to show my client as an immoral and horrible person."

Prosecutors have called for the woman to receive the maximum sentence of two years in prison.

"She has been a necrophile for many years and this is really about a sex crime," prosecutor Kristina Ehrenborg-Staffas said.