The operators of a hot spring in Idaho said a 7-year-old boy diving for treasure found a wedding ring that was lost in the late 1970s.

The Trinity Hot Springs in Paradise said in a Facebook post that a 7-year-old guest named Theo was diving for hidden treasures at the bottom of the water when he came up with a diamond ring.

"I saw a silver rounded thing and then I lifted it up and was like that's a wedding ring," Theo told KTVB-TV.

Trinity posted about the find on its official Facebook page, saying there were no wedding rings recently reported lost at the resort.

Sherrie McClure Lowery replied to the post, saying she had lost her wedding ring at Trinity in the late 1970s. She included a photo of the ring, which the resort confirmed was the same item found by Theo.

"That treasure was buried for over 40 years! So amazing!" Lowery wrote.

Trinity told Rebecca Bloom, Theo's mother, that the boy would be rewarded with a 1 Year Annual Membership for him and an adult.