Paris Jackson performed her song "Lighthouse" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old wore a short earth-toned dress and sang, "I'm the flask in your pocket on a rainy day/And she's the one that you share it with on the train/And you burn your throat/Intoxicated on what could have been our love."

She recently told Nylon Magazine that her new music is influenced by 1990s bands like Weezer, unlike her 2020 album, Wilted, which had a more folk feel.

The video for "Lighthouse," which was released in late May, was influenced by another '90s band, Nirvana.

The daughter of late singer Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe attended the Tony Awards on June 12 with her brother, Prince Jackson.

Jackson also acts and has appeared in Star, Scream: Resurrection and American Horror Stories.