A South Carolina student who found a former student's long-lost class ring in a parking lot had her own lost ring returned to her just two weeks later.

Catherine Kenyon, a PhD student at the Clemson University, said she lost her class ring from the school in 2017, while she was a senior.

She said she suspected the ring had been left on a bus, but she searched the vehicle and was unable to find it.

Kenyon eventually used the insurance she purchased for the ring to get a replacement, but she received a call Wednesday from an unknown number in Florence, S.C. She didn't answer the call, but a few moments later she received a text message from the number with a photo of her ring.

Andreaus Hammond said he was a Southern Wesleyan University student in 2017 when he found the ring on a bus after a large group of students got up and left. He said he tried to find Kenyon online, but didn't have any luck finding contact information until this month.

Kenyon's ring was returned to her just two weeks after she returned another long-lost ring to a former student. Kenyon found a 2016 Clemson University ring in the gravel parking lot outside the school's Fike Recreation Center in January and was eventually able to return it to Maggie Payne, who dropped it in the parking lot four years earlier.