WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, now known as King Barrett, has reportedly given his notice to WWE and plans to leave the company this summer.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Barrett has recently decided to opt out of extending his contract that expires this summer.

The publication also lists a source as noting that the five-time Intercontinental Champion still has a Legends contract in place meaning that WWE can continue using his likeness after his departure.

WWE has yet to comment on the matter, however Barrett, real name Stu Bennett has addressed the report on Twitter Wednesday writing, "I'll comment further at a more appropriate time, but for now I'm 100% focused on doing my job for @WWE. See you at #FastLane on Sunday."

Fellow WWE Superstar Ryback addressed Barrett's alleged future departure joking how he wanted to obtain some of Barrett's signature in-ring maneuvers. "I call dibs on Wasteland and spinning Mule Kick! #FeedMeMoreMoves," the Big Guy wrote.