Netflix is giving a glimpse of the new film Vivo.

The streaming service shared a teaser for the animated film Wednesday featuring the voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo, a kinkajou, a tropical rainforest mammal known as a "honey bear."

The preview shows Vivo (Miranda) sing while traveling through the Florida Everglades with Gabi (Ynairaly), the grand-niece of his owner Andres (Juan de Marcos Gonzalez).

"The plan was get to a bus / Next thing you know, the two of us / Are floating, drifting somewhere new," Vivo sings.

Vivo is directed by Kirk DeMicco. The film follows Vivo and Gabi as they travel from Cuba to Miami to deliver a love letter from Andres (Gonzalez) to his old singing partner Marta (Gloria Estefan).

Netflix shared a teaser trailer for the film in April.

"Vivo is an exhilarating story about gathering your courage, finding family in unlikely friends, and the belief that music can open you to new worlds," an official description reads.

Vivo also features the voices of Zoe Saldana, Brian Tyree Henry and Nicole Byer. The movie premieres Aug. 6 on Netflix.