"Saturday Night Live" addressed the recent reaction to Beyonce's new "Formation" music video with a comedic clip called "The Day Beyonce Turned Black."

"For white people, it was just another great week," a voice can be heard at the beginning of the short film. "They never saw it coming. They had no warning. Then, the day before the Super Bowl, it happened."

The pre-taped sketch then shows various Caucasian people reacting in horror because they don't understand or can't relate to "Formation."

The music video, which was released last weekend, shows the Grammy Award-winner embracing aspects of African American culture and protesting social injustice. It also gives nods to the Black Panthers and Black Live Matters movement.

She then performed the song during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, drawing criticism from some who said she should not have used the championship football game to express her political views.