A Michigan man who has been playing the same set of lottery numbers for 10 years said he finally won a $100,000 jackpot -- while he was out of the country.

The 42-year-old Oakland County man told Michigan Lottery officials he has been playing the same numbers in the Fantasy 5 drawing for a decade.

"I have been playing the same set of number for 10 years, which are a combination of dates and lucky numbers," the man said. "I was leaving the country for a few weeks and decided to purchase a multi-draw ticket before I left to make sure I didn't miss any draws, and I'm so happy that I did!"

The man said he was so excited to collect his prize from the May 5 drawing that he didn't even go home before visiting lottery headquarters.

"When I checked the winning numbers the morning after the drawing, I recognized them right away and knew I had won big," he said. "I couldn't wait to get home to claim my prize! I got off my flight this morning and came straight to the lottery to claim my prize."

The winning numbers were 11-15-28-31-34. The man said he plans to put his winnings toward buying a house.

"It feels great to win a prize like this. My lucky set of numbers finally paid off after 10 years," he said.