Hollywood studio MGM is launching five movie sequels -- "Legally Blonde 3,""WarGames 2,""Species 4,""Into the Blue 2" and "Cutting Edge 3."

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution Group will manage the worldwide sales campaigns, although it is unknown if the pictures will screen in theaters or go directly to DVD, zap2it.com reported.

MGM announced the launch of "Legally Blonde 3," promising more beauty and brains -- even though Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon will not reprise her role from the first two "Blonde" films.

"Cutting Edge 3" billed as a romantic, competitive skating drama, follows the 1992 comedy and TV adaptation on ABC earlier this year.

"Into the Blue 2" is a thriller about treasure hunters, and "War Games 2" is a thriller involving high-level computer operations, which begins filming in November.

"Species 4" is a sci-fi saga about alien hybrids that starts production in October with Frank Mancuso Jr. executive producing.