Lauren Scruggs' attorney says the model and fashion blogger has neither accepted nor rejected a settlement offer related to a plane-propeller mishap in Texas.

Scruggs lost her hand and eye after she was struck by the propeller in December. She had just gotten out of the plane and was on the tarmac after enjoying a tour of Christmas lights when she was seriously injured. The pilot had parked the plane, but left the engine on and propeller spinning.

Courthouse News Service Tuesday reported Scruggs, 23, turned down a $200,000 offer to settle and is suing the plane's insurer; however, the model's representatives said that account was inaccurate and CNS printed a correction Wednesday.

"Contrary to an earlier report from Courthouse News Service that Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old Texan struck by a moving propeller, rejected an offer of settlement, attorneys for Ms. Scruggs wish to clarify that she neither accepted nor rejected the insurance company's offer. Instead, during ongoing negotiations, Ms. Scruggs filed a declaratory judgment action in Dallas County seeking interpretation of the insurance policy by the court," said a joint statement by Scruggs' attorneys Hightower Angelley and Aggressive Insurance.

"This afternoon, Hightower Angelley LLP, attorneys for Ms. Scruggs, and Aggressive Insurance Services LLC, jointly announce that they have resolved the issues raised in the declaratory judgment action."