Gal Gadot announced on Instagram that filming on "Wonder Woman 1984" is now complete.

"We shot in 4 very different locations in 3 countries, and I'm so soooo proud of the almost 1000 crew members who came to set every day, giving everything they have into our movie," Gadot captioned a photo of her in her full Wonder Woman regalia, surrounded by Jenkins and the other people who worked on the movie.

"I'm so lucky to have the one and only Patty Jenkins, as my director," Gadot added.

"She always has our backs, she gives us the wings to dare, and everyday she helped us find the most creative version of ourselves .. I am so grateful to call her my friend. And to our AMAZINGly talented cast who made every day enjoyable and fun, thank you!"

Gadot also shared two photos of her with Jenkins on the film's set.

The post has gotten more than 2.5 million "likes" since it was published Sunday.

The sequel to 2017's "Wonder Woman," which is part of the DC Comics cinematic universe, is set for release on June 5, 2020.

It will co-star franchise newcomer Kristen Wiig as the villainous Cheetah and Chris Pine will return as Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor.

Photo credit: Gal Gadot/Instagram