A state legislator in Arizona is seeking to change a bill that makes potlucks outside the workplace in the state illegal.

Republican State Representative Kelly Townsend has called the law a "big legislative oversight" and says the spirit of the bill was never intended to ban potlucks outside the workplace.

"I think it was a legislative oversight. We have those all the time. We go through the statutes and they're called technical corrections, so this is kind of like a technical correction, that it wasn't intended on shutting down all potlucks," she told AZFamily.com.

The potential change in legislation came after health officials in Pinal County ordered a group of residents in Apache Junction trailer parks stop holding neighborhood potlucks.

"Out in our district, we had some pretty serious issues with folks shutting down any kind of potluck that did not happen at a workplace," Townsend said. "It seems funny on one hand but on the other hand, people's rights are being infringed."

Townsend's bill to reverse the law was cleared by House Government and Higher Education Committee 6-0 and is awaiting approval by the rest of the House before being placed into effect.