Animal rescuers were called to a public youth center's offices in Wales when a polecat wandered into the building.

The RSPCA said a rescuer was dispatched to Powys Council's Welshpool Youth Center when employees arrived Tuesday to find the unusual animal, a weasel relative, inside a room in the building.

"Staff at this Powys council building had a huge surprise when a polecat was spotted on the premises!" RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said. "Fortunately, the wild animal was safe and well, and was carefully confined before I came to complete the rescue, and return him to where he belongs."

The RSPCA shared footage of Lewis releasing the polecat into the woods.

"This is probably one of the most unusual visitors to one of our buildings. It came as a shock to staff when they found it in the office," said Councilor Phyl Davies, Powys County Council's cabinet member for property and assets. "I would like to thank staff from the RSPCA for safely collecting the polecat from the office and releasing it back into the wild."