Holy City, Calif., a San Francisco Bay area community with just one fulltime resident, is on the block for $11 million.

Established in 1919 by reputed cult leader William E. Riker as a "Perfect Divine Christian" commune, Holy City once had as many as 300 disciples who turned over all their belongings in exchange for room and board.

The town declined after World War II, when the economy improved and Riker was accused of supporting Adolf Hitler.

The property is now owned by three retired contractors who had intended to turn the land into a park, KSBW-TV, Salinas, Calif., reports.

The asking price is $11 million.

Realtor Jim Miller says this is his first experience selling a whole town.

"I've sold a lot of unique type properties -- ranches, old units. I've sold art buildings, retail shopping centers, a lot of the big things, but this is my first experience on a town," Miller said.