Environmental police in New York state said officers responding to a report of a loose primate on a resident's porch discovered the animal was a kinkajou.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said Conservation Police Officers Adam Jonson and Nicole Duchene responded to a home in the Plattekill area where a possible primate was reported trapped on a resident's enclosed porch.

Ulster County sheriff's deputies and Plattekill police arrived on the scene first and wrangled the animal into a pet carrier.

The conservation police officers identified the creature as a kinkajou, a raccoon relative that is native to tropical rain forests and is often mistaken for a primate.

The officers said kinkajous are not primates and they are legal to own in the state without a permit.

The kinkajou was taken to the New Paltz Animal Hospital for temporary lodging, and staff at the hospital who were familiar with the animal contacted its owner to take it home.