The mystery of a 30-year-old message in a bottle found floating in a Texas river by two boys was solved with the help of a mail carrier.

A pair of boys, ages 7 and 8, found a glass bottle on the bank of the Neches River in Beaumont and inside they found a sheet of paper dated from 1989 with a man's name and address.

The boys and their families attempted to contact the man, but found the address in Silsbee did not exist.

A longtime U.S. Postal Service mail carrier helped solve the mystery by revealing that while the address no longer exists, the home is still standing and still occupied by the same family.

Clifton McGallion, the message's author, said he and his son used to use sheets of paper in bottles as markers when they were out fishing 30 years ago.

The bottle's 31-year journey didn't quite match the distance of a bottle found in late March in Ireland. The message inside revealed the bottle had been tossed into the water by a German sailor 19 years earlier.