Die-hard fans of "Star Trek" now have their own on-line dating service so they can love long and prosper.

Known as Trek Passions, the Internet site offers the comfort of a common interest without having to wade through huge dating pools, the Christian Science Monitor reported Friday.

A click on trekpassions.com finds a homepage featuring a milk-white alien with an enormous head with the disclaimer: Xenophobia Strictly Prohibited.

Trekpassions is one of more than 100 niche sites launched several years ago under the umbrella of a larger service called Passions Network, the newspaper said. It received a boost last March when talk show host Conan O'Brien quipped "The fans say the dating Web site is going great and any month now they hope a girl will join."

Passions Network President Michael Carter told the Monitor the company doesn't keep track of gender but an informal count indicates more than a quarter of the users are women.

One Web surfer, identified only as "S," told the Monitor, he found the Star Trek site after Googling "geek" and "nerd" and "dating."