A Texas kayaker appears to have confirmed a local "urban legend" by capturing footage of a large alligator swimming in a San Antonio lake.

Eugene Mora posted a video to Facebook Monday showing the gator he found swimming in Calaveras Lake, where alligator sightings have occasionally been reported but widely dismissed as an "urban legend."

"The myth, the urban legend is true. There is at least one gator here and he's pretty big. He's a pretty animal," Mora told KSAT-TV. "I noticed something out on the water and that log started moving. It was a 7-foot, 8-foot gator."

"He was just minding his own business," Mora said. "He was just scoping me out the way I was scoping him out so no aggression whatsoever."

Park visitors said officials have been warning them about the confirmed gator sighting.

"They've been coming out here and warning us," Patricia White said. "They've been letting everyone know, 'Hey gators have been spotted, we seen video, there is gators in the water, please be careful.'"

Mora said he is hoping park officials will post a sign ahead of the Memorial Day holiday warning visitors to steer clear of the reptile.

"The safest thing to do would be to let them know, give them like a public notice, because he is here and he's 7 to 8 foot and he could cause some harm if he wanted to," Mora said. "Just keep an eye out. He's doing his thing, don't poke at him, don't cast at him and try to hook him, because he just wants to eat fish and do his deal."