A Swedish musician created a machine that makes music by having 2,000 marbles traveling along its tracks.

Martin Molin, 33, said he spent 14 months creating the machine, which activates with a hand crank that sends the 2,000 marbles down tracks to interact with a vibrophone, drums and cymbals.

The final product was demonstrated in a YouTube video posted to the official account of Molin's band, Wintergatan.

Molin recently wrote on the band's website that he had only expected to spend two months on the machine, but unforeseen problems stretched it out to 14.

"The closer the machine gets to be finished the harder it gets to finish it. It is strange how that happens, when the finish line is in sight, everything slows down automatically except the avalanche of new unforeseen problems," he wrote. 

"We need to start making music now and spend less time picking up marbles from the floor soon soon soon. But it is happening."