Isaac Kappy, an actor who had small roles in films such as Thor and Terminator Salvation, has died at the age of 42.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed Kappy's death to the Arizona Daily Sun. He died after he forced himself off a bridge near Bellemont onto Interstate 40 where he was then hit by a pickup truck.

Authorities said two teenagers had attempted to physically stop Kappy from jumping but failed.

"We don't know why Mr. Kappy took his own life," DPS spokesperson Bart Graves said.

Kappy made headlines in 2018 for making controversial statements about Hollywood on social media. He uploaded to Instagram recently a lengthy text post where he apologized for past transgressions and called into question his character, People magazine reported.

"Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect," he said.

Kappy also appeared in films such as The Babysitter and Beerfest along with AMC series Breaking Bad.