An Australian woman collected a lottery jackpot of more than $750,000 after buying tickets bearing the same set of numbers for decades.

The Glenelg, South Australia, woman told The Lott officials the numbers she chose when buying her ticket for Wednesday's X Lotto drawing were the same digits she has been playing for years.

"I've been playing Wednesday X Lotto since I was 21 and I've used the same numbers since then," the woman said. "They are all my family's birth dates. I've never been tempted to change them in case I stopped playing them and then they come up!"

The woman, who is now retired, won $759,300 from the ticket she purchased from Bay Newsagency & Card Center in Glenelg.

The winner said she already is making plans for her windfall.

"I have a passion for the racing industry, and I've always wanted to own a share in a racehorse, so this will finally allow me to do that," she said. "I was about to go out for coffee with a few girlfriends, but now we might get cake, too!"