A woman made a bogus bomb threat to delay the New York-to-Atlanta flight she was trying to catch to confront a jealous boyfriend, the New York Post reported.

Anna Tarasov, who said her real name is Erin Barasov, told the newspaper she made the phony claim Nov. 4 because the subway made her late in getting to LaGuardia Airport to catch AirTran Airways Flight 1775.

Tarasov, 19, said she was trying to prevent her jealous boyfriend in Atlanta from flying to Minnesota to confront her former boyfriend.

"I remember thinking it wouldn't be such a big deal. It totally slipped my mind about the terrorists," she told the Post. "Then it hit me. 'Of all the places. This is New York.' It was very stupid."

The FBI traced the cell phone call to the airline's reservation center while the flight returned to the gate to be searched.

Tarasov said authorities told her charges would be "worked out" in Atlanta, where she now lives.

"All I can say is it was a dumb mistake," Tarasov said.

Tarasov still missed the flight and no longer dates either man.