South Korean boy band Stray Kids is back with a new music video.

The K-pop stars released a video for the single "Even a Fool Knows" on Wednesday, the second anniversary of the group's debut.

The video shows the members of Stray Kids filming a high school drama. In the show, Lee Know and Hyunjin are involved in a love triangle.

"Even a Fool Knows" is a single from Mixtape: On Track, Stray Kids' latest mixtape project. The group released Mixtape: Gone Days in December.

Stray Kids released the EP Cle: Levanter in December.

Stray Kids said in an interview with UPI in February that they are following their own path in the music industry. The group predominately writes, produces and arranges its music itself.

Stray Kids consists of Lee Know, Hyunjin, Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N. The group is known for the singles "Hellevator," "My Pace," "Miroh" and "Side Effects."