Ric Flair has undergone successful intestinal surgery that was performed in response to a life-threatening health scare nearly a year ago.

The Professional wrestling icon's daughter, current WWE star Charlotte Flair, confirmed Monday her father's procedure was successful and said the former 16-time World Champion is recovering in a hospital.

"While some may have assumed that the effects [of his health problems last fall] may have slowed down my father's lifestyle, he really embraced it all, has ended up doing more work in the last couple months than in the previous few years and is enjoying life," Charlotte told to WWE.

"However, when he was told that he had the opportunity to possibly reverse some of the effects of the initial surgery, my father decided it was something he wanted to try, and he was very positive about the procedure," she continued before noting that if things continue to go well, he will be released from the hospital in the next three to four days.

Charlotte also thanked fans for their support on Twitter. "Thank you for the prayers and messages. Dad is doing GREAT!!" she said.

Flair, 69, was hospitalized last August and was put on life support before recovering.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said his near-death experience was due to lifelong alcoholism.

Photo credit: daysofthundr46