Police in Nashville relocated a coyote that ran into an event venue in the city and ended up trapping itself in a bathroom.

The Nashville Music City Center said in a Facebook post the coyote ran past a security checkpoint about 10:20 p.m. Sunday and headed toward an exhibit hall, where it ended up inside the men's bathroom.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Officer Brenna Hosey was among the police officers that responded to the scene.

"So I round the corner expecting a dog and I look around the corner and sure enough like perched up on the sink is a coyote," Hosey told WKRN-TV.

Animal control officers were summoned to the scene and Hosey used one of their catch poles to safely apprehend the coyote.

"I kind of just noticed how terrified he was and that bothered me. I felt so bad for him. He was just trembling and I could tell he just wanted to get out of there he just didn't know how," Hosey said.

Hosey said animal control officers told her the animal would be euthanized if they took it to a local shelter, so she and some colleagues loaded the coyote into the back of her patrol car and drove it out to the woods.

"He hadn't done anything wrong. He's a wild animal whose habitat is the woods but Nashville is slowly moving out and some of those woods are being taken away, which isn't a bad thing but he had nowhere else to go and he ran to where he thought was going to be a safe place," she said.