Police in Michigan shared video of a pet store worker capturing a mystery alligator that appeared in a resident's backyard pond.

The Allen Park Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a slide show of photos depicting Jerry Swantner of Critter Pet Shop using his bare hands to grab the approximate 3-foot alligator spotted swimming in an Allen Park resident's backyard pond on Monday afternoon.

The department said officers responded to the home and contacted the pet store due to their lack of experience with non-native reptiles.

"[Allen Park], your PD has no gator skills," the department conceded in its Facebook post.

Swantner said the alligator could have proven dangerous despite its small size.

"I mean he's got a mouth full of teeth," Swantner told WJBK-TV. "He's got a ton of teeth. If he was to clamp on, he'd definitely put marks on you."

He said the gator, which will be given a new home at an alligator sanctuary, was likely a pet that either escaped or was abandoned by its owner.