A dog broke free from its owner during a walk in New York and brought traffic to a halt on a busy stretch of highway.

Sgt. Carlos Nieves of the New York Police Department said he arrived to investigate traffic congestion on northbound FDR Drive, just before the Manhattan Bridge, and discovered a man weaving through cars to chase a loose Shiba Inu.

The man told Nieves he was "afraid of dogs" but decided to attempt to capture the canine rather than allow it to come to harm.

The bystander was able to wrangle the dog and handed him over to Nieves, who described the animal as "the sweetest doggie in the world."

Nieves said the dog, named Daiki, was reunited with his owner a short time later. The owner told Nieves she had been taking Daiki for a walk when he pulled free from his leash and ran off toward the highway.