A Massachusetts man discovered a goat seated in the driver's seat of a car while walking through the parking lot of a local Home Depot.

John Miller shared video of the goat to Facebook as he pondered what the goat was doing inside the vehicle.

"I feel like I'm in an Adam Sandler skit," Miller said.

The video quickly drew attention, gaining more than 70,000 views and soliciting a response from the goat's owner.

Miller commented to share a message from a woman who claimed ownership of the goat and told him that the animal caused quite a bit of trouble while she spent 10 minutes inside the store shopping for a toilet gasket.

"You'd probably be even more entertained to know he turned on my hazard lights, wipers, drank an old cup of [McDonald's] soda, ate a nutty bar and its wrapper then proceeded to poop on my drivers seat! And, of course I didn't even realize it and sat in it," she wrote.

The goat's owner told Miller she was glad he enjoyed his encounter with the animal.

"Glad my new fur kid could make your day," she wrote.