Los Angeles-based CBS reportedly is thinking of spicing up its fall schedule with new unusual shows, including one about a vampire detective.

The show "Twilight" is just one of several shows in the sci-fi/fantasy field CBS may be looking at, The Daily Variety reported Saturday.

"We went into this development season saying, 'Let's throw out the rulebook'," said CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler. "We have an incredibly strong schedule. What better time to take risks ... and try some really surprising and unique projects?"

The projects CBS is looking at are all hopefuls to fill the network's time gaps.

"We need new hits just like everybody else, but the difference is, I think we've got a better support system to (launch) those new hits than the other guys," said Kelly Kahl, CBS scheduling and strategy chief

But the biggest issue may be getting the slightly-out-there shows past the big boss, Leslie Moonves, who usually goes down a more traditional path, sticking with what the network knows best -- crime dramas.