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The Real World: Austin - Episode 16 Summary

'There Is Plenty Of Partying To Be Done' By volsfan
Original Airdate: October 4, 2005

I will get everyone caught up in a brief paragraph on what we know so far about this cast. Jo is a hoe just looking for attention and Lacey is a snitch trying to cause trouble. Wes and Nehemiah are playa wannabees in search of their next lay. Mel and Danny are in love but can’t get their carp together long enough to fill a 17 minutes episode. Oh yeah, then there is a Rachel and I am really not sure why she is on the show.

As Dave The Dude, Batts and myself have been discussing this is the worse season of Real World since…well, last season. The cast continues to become more shallow and do nothing but sleep and get drunk. All this makes for a nothing show that can’t be garnering many viewers. Let’s see if this episode changes things.

This episode begins with Mel and Danny cuddling on the bed. Danny admits his feelings for Mel and asks her to be his girlfriend. This has to be foreshadowing of trouble to come because Mel is all giddy about the conversation. I think these two deserve each other but they can’t be honest with their feelings so they end up hurting each other.

The roomies meet with the filmmaker about the upcoming documentary. The filmmaker tells them if they do not have a rough draft of the film on Monday following the South By Southwest event they will not get their vacation. Could someone please explain to me why they need a vacation? They have been on vacation since they arrived in Austin. What would make a vacation more different than what they are doing now other than a change of scenery?

Lacey is getting everyone ready to meet the first band (Enon) and Mel don’t care about the job. Mel and Danny decide they don’t want to participate so they go to The Spaghetti Warehouse to eat. Mel gives Lacey her pager number and tells her to page then and they will meet them later. Mel claims she is selfish and would rather spend time with Danny. Selfish…after 15 weeks of idiocy I finally agree with Mel on something.

Enon arrives and calls Lacey so Lacey pages Mel. Mel ignores the page as she says she is going to finish her wine and then go meet them. I really have no use for lazy people and Mel is being one here. There really is nothing to what they have to do other than operating a video camera…what a wench!

Mel and Danny come up with a lie to tell the others about why they took their time to show up for work. They play around on the streets as Danny sits on Mel while she (Mel) is flat on her back on the sidewalk. Mel makes a cute gutter whore as Danny prepares to take a dump on her. The symbolism here is just too easy so you can think of your own joke.

Romeo and Juliet finally show up for their job and everyone is urinated off at them. Nehemiah says that the two are “retarded” as I really can’t believe he just said that. I think Nehemiah is retarded for saying they are retarded…is this retarded?

The roomies go to a club where Enon is performing so they can get some concert footage. At this point everything is going well as everyone is doing something except Lacey. Lacey is the project manager and just shouts out demands.

Peace and good will don’t last long as the roomies meet the second band, Halifax. Even though they were instructed not to drink the first thing Wes suggest is to go party! The shots and mixed drinks start flowing as emotions begin to rise and then trouble starts.

Mel starts getting tipsy and being touchy/feely with the guys from the band and not paying much attention to Danny. Mel dances with them and is just being the slut she is when Danny’s blood starts boiling. Danny says he isn’t the jealous type but his true feelings are showing us something else. Danny can’t even look Mel in the eyes because he is so mad at her. Danny is furious with Mel and just walks away from them as they are walking home. When they get home Danny tells Mel to not say one word about how much she likes him because it would be a fvcking lie! Um…Danny, WTF? Mel was just talking and having fun. She wasn’t giving up the nappy dugout. Danny needs to grow a set and get some confidence.

The next day Nehemiah complains to Danny and Wes about their actions the previous night. Nehemiah tells them they weren’t suppose to drink and that it could cost them their vacation. Wes comes out with the most ridiculous statement of the season. “There is a lot of partying to be done and that takes priority over this documentary.” Numbnuts has no idea what the real world is all about and I wish he would just go back home and put us out of our misery.

Mel grabs Danny and tells him she just wants him to love her and not be mad. She tells Danny she was just being friendly and Danny says he would love to be her friend. Poor wittle Danny has fallen for a woman that gets drunk and becomes friendly with people. I guess she should have gone home and to bed while Danny stayed out and drank.

Katie (roommate’s friend) just shows up out of the blue to console Mel. Mel says that Katie knows how Danny is and that she is going to have to understand that. Where the fvck did Katie come from and why did it take 16 weeks for her to make the show? This is like reading a mystery novel and finding out the murderer is a new character introduced in the last chapter.

Danny and Mel makeup as the show comes to an end completing another boring episode.


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