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The Real World: Austin - Episode 15 Summary

'The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship' By volsfan
Original Airdate: September 27, 2005

Previously on The Real World Jo the Ho met Leo the bartender. I really don’t understand why we had to suffer through 2+ minutes of recarp for this episode because this is the Jo and Leo show from start to finish.

For those that want a quick rundown of what happened this week here is the skinny: Jo was playing around with Leo and sort of trying to get him in bed and when he spends the night she gets up and leaves to get a pedicure. Leo leaves and doesn’t return phone calls all day. Wes got upset about Leo being in Jo’s bed and threw a chair in the pool. Leo is now nothing but a memory for Jo the ho. Now, for those that want to suffer through the entire episode like I had to in order to write the summary please keep reading.

The episode starts in the living of the Real Worlders this season…the Dizzy Rooster. Jo the ho is talking with Leo as he is bartending and then goes over to be at a table with Mel. Jo spots Courtney (Leo’s other bed buddy) and take it any more so she tells Mel they have to leave. I don’t understand what ho bag is upset about because all she wants is to take a ride and then jump off. She would dump him as soon as she gets what she wants.

Jo goes home to relive the entire evening again by telling Wes. Wes new thinks this is his shot at getting into Jo’s panties as he will be there for her through this and she will see how much he likes her. This is getting sick as Wes the pimp thinks he is all knowing when it comes to relationships. Hey Wes…can I call you a cab?

The next night is the same as all the others as they go out drinking. Jo and Leo dance and seem to be enjoying things when Wes performs the ultimate cock block as he alerts Jo she has 4 minutes before her carriage turns into a pumpkin. However, Leo agrees to come over and visit Jo later that night. Jo is all giggle pants and leaves to get ready for the tryst.

Leo gets to the house and Jo greets him at the door and asks, “Are you ready to go?” WOW! What a great to start the foreplay. Jo the ho doesn’t even bother with chitchat as she jumps his bones into the Love Sac by the pool table. Is this why they are called Love Sacs?

Lacey is on the phone and she flips the television to view the room they are making out. Wes makes it around the house so he can see into the room as well. These two are voyeurs big time. I guess Lacey can’t wait to give Wes a play-by-play in hope of urinating him off.

Leo and Jo are out drinking with Wes while Wes watches as Leo and Jo kiss. Next scene shows us Wes throwing things back at the house as a chair goes in the pool. However, this isn’t close to the damage done as Mel discovers Wes has taken everything off their beds and thrown them everywhere!

Mel has had enough as she goes and gets Danny’s clothes and throws them in the poll. Is Mel and Wes related to Tonya? Are we back in 6th grade? Seriously, Pimp Goldie needs anger management 101 stat!

Leo decides to surprise the houseguests with a box of brats for everyone. I don’t know if he is being nice or making fun of Jo. When Jo gets drunk Every night Jo gets a brat on the way home and slathers the grease all over her face. The way she eats the brat is very similar to the way a porn star…well, eats a brat.

Jo and Leo have fun with water as Jo spills water on his shirt. He takes the plastic cup and pours it on Jo and then asks, “How do you like them apples?” Well, them apples are ok but I would rather see Jo tied up and resting comfortably on the bottom of the pool the way the red chair was earlier.

The two lovers decide it is time for bed as they beg Lacey to stay in the room. As things heat up under the blankets Leo yells, “EARMUFFS LACEY EARMUFFS!” WTF is Lacey staying in the room? Unless I am involved I don’t want to hear anyone bumping uglies in the bed beside me.

In one of the strangest scenes so far this season, Jo gets up the next morning and is hell bent on going with Mel to get a pedicure. So, she gets up and tells Leo he can stay as long as he needs and she walks out. This woman has the manners of a cow! Leo has a look on his face like WTF do I do now? I don’t blame Leo for not returning her phone calls.

The entire day goes by with Jo calling Leo 1,463,812 times and he doesn’t return the first. After agonizing the entire day Jo goes to see Leo at the bar. Jo plays the cold game with Leo but finally she asks him what is up. Leo tells her he is busy and will have to work a lot over the week because of the South By Southwest event.

The thing Jo needs to understand is that Leo wanted one thing and he got it. He is moving on now but the funniest thing during the conversation Jo asks him, “Why are you acting so 6th grade?” Leo responds, “Because you are 6th grade!” BWAHAHAHAHA! Even funnier is that Jo never caught it!

Jo goes home and cries on Pimp Daddies shoulder as he sees the beginning of a budding romance. Wes thinks that showing Jo he will be there and care for her will open her eyes and the relationship will begin. In his eyes they are going to be living happily ever after.


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