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The Real World: Austin - Episode 12 Summary

'My Childhood Wasn't Exactly Leave It To Beaver' By batts
Original Airdate: September 6, 2005

This episode starts the realworlders in a meeting with Paul Stekler, who is a University of Texas filmmaker.

"So, lets talk about your projects. Rachel, how far did you get on yours?" Paul asks.

Rachel tells him she has a 'roughdraft' of her portrait in basically the order she wanted.

Jenn calls it an "assembly."

Rachel: "It's a sequence."

"Well, now, Nehemiah, how did you do on your (cough, scoff) portrait?" Paul, the boss asks Nehemiah.

Nehemiah: "I got pretty far on mine, actually, I added effects, voice-overs, ad-titles, background music, frame by frame sequencing, and put so much effort in my portrait of Wes, that you will be blown away by my neverending talent."

Lacey confessional: "I'm selfishly annoyed that Nehemiah did so much on his project, but I can't help but feel that he just wants to be in the spotlight, and have the attitude of 'Look teach, look what I did!'"

We then watch Nehemiah's film portrait of Wes, who is depicted as 'Sleeping Beauty' with grand goals of Conquest.

"What did you think?" Nehemiah asks the boss, with visions of a 6 digit salary in his near future......

Paul shrugs his shoulders, and looks at Nehemiah in utter disbelief at the waste of videotape he has just seen...

Paul: "Pffft... I didn't understand the shot of the stream, there was no story line, your focus was out, I couldn't hear the words babbled, too much distortion, and you fouled up the tint. Oh, my gosh, what a failure!"

Well, okay.... he didn't say ALL of that, but, that's what our film degree student (Nehemiah) heard in his mind.

"I know my profile could have been better, and there's always room for improvement." is Nehemiahs response, as he humbly hangs his head in the shame he has caused himself.

Now, we all know that Nehemiahs portrait was 'OK', to 'pretty good,' compared to what the other Real Worlders have accomplished such as what Lacey has produced..... of the partying going on in the house, and a clip of Rachel talking about how she pleasures herself when she's drunk. Which Lacey looks surprised and says "Oh, My, I don't how that got on my work...."

The meeting ends with Paul urging Danny to catch up, and try filming someone this week, and do a 'film portrait' of someone, then ends the meeting with their assignment of the week, which is to "Go to South by Southwest, and look at what kind of bands are there and how do we try to cast them and have an interesting time." "See you next week."

Let me stop here and ask anyone who is reading this..... Is this a 'Real Job' for the 'Real Worlders'...? Who has jobs like this? I mean..... some people are accountants, some are truck drivers, some are bricklayers, while others pave the streets. Now, there are treetrimmers, cashiers, doctors, carpet layers....... etc. You get my point? I went to Schlitterbahn, (a local Waterpark) and watched in awe at some of the hard working jobs some people actually have..... like this one guy.... his only job was to stand in the water and splash the people floating by.

Am I missing something here? What the heck?
I don't understand how people can get jobs like this. My first job, as a teenager was cleaning out 250 CATTLE troughs a day, in a commercial feed yard, and I was grateful to get 3.35 cents an hour. My next job was pumping poison chemical in a mixing tank from 50 pound bags into an airplane, at a crop dusting service. To ME.... these are real jobs!

When I get home from work, my feet hurt, my back aches, I'm exhausted, and I'm lucky to get in one or two reality shows before I call it a day. How do some people get a job like this? I want a job where I have to go sit in a bar, and listen to different bands, then be able to interview them, get their autograph, and decide if I like them or not........ WHAAAAAA?

Maybe I'm just bitter, yeah, thats it. I'm probley just jealous, thats all.....

Ok, enough of my little rant there. Back at the house, the Real Worlders are doing their job, and going through CD's, to decide who they might follow up on... oh brother...

Lacey tells the others she likes DMBQ, and Enon, a band one might think by looking at her, was half Carpenters, and half Marilyn Manson.
Rachel likes the band 'Hello Goodbye.' Lacey overhears one song, and labels the band 'REJECTS'

Danny likes 'Halifax' and after a brief conversation with him, Lacey sees no point in trying to manipulate Danny any further, and shoos him away, sending him downstairs with The Others (no 'Lost' pun intended there), so she can do more research on the bands SHE likes.

Nehemiah wants a hip hop band, Melinda wants the Go-Go's, and Rachel likes the Carpenters... but they all agree on liking a group called Halifax. All except for Lacey, who is upstairs, being a busy-body, cackling a bit, over a computer screen. OK... what's she up to now?

Danny decides to do a video portrait of Nehemiah, and asks Nehemiah what his childhood was like. Nehemiah talks about his struggling boyhood, and describes his family issues of fatherlessness...... (is that a word?), drug abuse, mistrust, and an anger filled atmosphere. Danny is doing his best to get a lot of shots of Nehemiah, and his life synopsis, but he hasn't exactly mastered the camcorder yet.

At the next meeting with Paul Stekler, Lacey speaks up, and tells Paul that "the majority of us like ENON, and DMBQ." As she says this, the 'majority' of the realworlders look a bit confused....

Lacey: "I like Enon because they're very different and artsy fartsy, and happy go lucky, carefree, wonderful, fun loving,...."

Can we see Lacey trying to manipulate the choice of bands the Real Worlders are going to interview, and portray? Everybody else mumbles up a weak "I like HALIFAX," but Lacey will have none of that and tells boss Paul "I hate HALIFAX!" She then wrinkles her nose, grinds her teeth, claws the chalkboard, screeches, and flies around the room on an old broom, demonstrating how she HATES HALIFAX.

Jenn, the other boss, then tells her and the Realworlders "It's not about who they like, and dislike, it's about getting to know them, who they are, what they're about..... that's the project!"

Later at the restaurant, the realworlders are discussing the topic, and one of the girls says to Nehemiah "Lacey is saying you like DMBQ." A surprised

Nehemiah replys back that no way does he like DMBQ.

Wes: "Lacey is sitting there behind the scenes conniving her way to get the band that she wants the most."

That night, the seven strugglers decide to do something different, and ...... go to 6th street, for some frolic and fun. Oh, you know it's gonna be a fun filled night, you just know it, cause on the way to 6th street we see Wes and Nehemiah in the front, skipping up the street like little hopscotch girls, on they're way to summer camp. Nope, no trouble tonight. No horse stompings, no bad immature behavior, no drunken brawl, nothing out of the ordinary.....

If you don't read any of this summary... read this next part... this is the best any Real World show can get...

Our next scene takes us to Nehemiah's head sticking out of the top of a crowd of people, wagging his head back and forth, in a heated conversation with someone, explaining how he "came here to have fun, and not start trouble at nobody's bar!" We then hear him say "Don't put your hands all over me!" "Get off!" "Don't test me, Dont you test me!"
Now we see some flames coming out of Nehemiah's eyes, ears, and mouth, as he is apparently being taunted by a click of peeps in the bar with their sole objective for the night, as doing nothing more than causing trouble with the Realworlders.

A scuffle follows, and Nehemiah recieves an unwanted 'Bahamamama' on his shirt. This is all the immature behavior Nehemiah can take and decides to Open up a can o Whoop @ on the whole bar crowd. We see arms flailing..... legs kicking...... fire spewing.... and Wes running, to get our resident 'angry black man' out of there before Nehemiah drop kicks somebody's @ over I-35!.

Wes decides his best strategy, is be a bull-dozer, and herd the person that used to be named Nehemiah, back to the real world house. The 'Angry Black Man' that used to be Nehemiah, is still demon possessed, and doesn't respond well to being taken from a bad situation, that he was sure was winnable, down in the ghetto that is 6th street.

Nehemiah is sure, that if released, he can go back to 6th street, and confront that crowd, and spew his angry wrath on them. He is sure that after his wrath waxes hot upon them, and smites them down, they'll never bother with him again.

In the effort to herd Nehemiah back home, Nehemiah's wrath waxes hot on Wren, and Lindsey, two girls that are favorites of the real world guys.
Back at the Real World house, Mr. Hyde turns back into the nice person we know as Nehemiah, at the swimming pool, kicking back with bulldozer/punching bag Wes! Nehemiah tells Wes he called Wren up.........

Wes: "Um, just out of curiosity, why did you call my Wren up?"

"Don't you know she's targeted to be Wes-tagated?"

Nehemiah tells Wes he called her up to apologize for his behavior on 6th street. "I called Lindsey too." Nehemiah says.

Nehemiah calls his mom and talks about his trials in Austin, and how he is struggling to cope with the horrors he faces here. He talks about Lacey, and her attempted manipulation of the choice of bands. He tells her about how he responds with anger to confrontation, and reminds her about how she raised him to be mean and "making fun of people."

Nehemiah decides to do Danny a favor. Ok..... we know Danny is struggling with his project of depicting Nehemiah's video portrait, so Nehemiah sneaks in on the computer, and edits Danny's work ..... (for him, of course)(as a favor, of course)

Now wait a minute, isn't this portrait supposed to project Danny's view of Nehemiah? Not Nehemiah's view of Nehemiah? Hmmmmm......

At the next meeting with Paul Stekler, we see Nehemiah's video portrait,
in a way seen only through the eyes of Nehemiah Danny. We see Nehemiah as a very unique struggling individual, with untapped talent, just waiting to be discovered, explored, and glorified! Who ever will be the lucky person to first get his hands on Nehemiah and tap into this infinite resource of film degree knowledge and background?

What will next week bring us? Will Paul Stekler find out Danny's view of Nehemiah, was done by Nehemiah?

Find out next week on.... The Real World... Austin!

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