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The Real World: Austin - Episode 11 Summary

'Hanky Panky Time' By volsfan
Original Airdate: August 30, 2005

As this season continues to drag along with the same ole stuff that has happened in each and every season there is a sense that we are not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed. Letís see how far downhill they fall this week.

The show starts at the usual placeÖa bar! Wes is out to find the best looking girl in the place and hit on her. Wes starts talking to Wren and I have to say that she is a very pretty tart. The two start talking and seem to have a connection. First, why does Wes think that the prettiest girl in the bar wants him to hit on her? I have stated numerous times that I do find Wes attractive but his personality is terrible. Second, what kind of name is Wren? A bird, why name your child after a bird?

Wes and Sparrow talk and decide it is time to leave the bar. On the walk back to the Real World house Wes tells Woodcock that he is a bad person. He also admits that he has been arrested. I donít understand why people donít listen at things they are told. If someone admits to being a bad personÖBELIEVE THEM! Goldfinch should just run.

Everyone is sitting around the kitchen table and Warbler goes to the bathroom. Jo starts bashing Hummingbird immediately to show her jealousy and insecurity. However, I thought hypocrites were found only on Big Brother but Wes is right up there with Maggie, Ivette and April. Wes tells Jo that he knows he should dump Pigeon immediately but 30 seconds after she returns he is telling her that it is fate they met so early on. EARLY ON? Hell, I was hoping this melee was just about over. EARLY ON? They have been there long enough for Dannyís brain damage to healÖoh wait, he is still with Mel so I guess the brain hasnít healed but at least the damage has.

Finch leaves and Wes and Rachel are talking. They are talking about how Rachel dresses when they go out. Wes tells us that he considers Rachel a sister and he wants to teach her how to be a lady. OMG! This coming from a guy that picked up a lady of the night, took her back to the house, had sex with her and seconds after orgasm he asks her if she needs a cab. *rolls eyes*

The drama reaches a boiling point when Rachel comes home from The Dizzy Rooster and tells everyone that she made out with Matt the bouncer. Nehemiah tells Rachel that she doesnít need to be fooling around with him (supposedly Matt is pimping the girls to Nehemiah and Wes). At this point Rachelís head spins faster than Shakes and after 4 turns she start spewing her venom. She goes off on Nehemiah and tells him to shut up, donít tell her who to make out with and for him to go to bed. I donít know where the venom is really coming from here but Rachel looks like an idiot and Nehemiah doesnít act much better. As Rachel is going off the deep end Nehemiah is laughing. Nehemiah really enjoy ruffling feathers and I have no place in my life for someone like that!

Geez, Rachel has issues as the tirade continues over something that I canít explain. She screams for Nehemiah to hit her as she rushes him. Danny and Wes get between them and Danny physically moves Rachel to her bedroom.

Rachel continues to be irrational as she tells Mel and Jo that she wishes Nehemiah dead, wants to hit him and wants to go home. Ok, if someone else can explain where all this anger came from please feel free to add any insight I have omitted. Also, why didnít Mel and Jo let Rachel walk out the door? Seriously, the entire house would be better off.

Danny, Wes and Nehemiah go out to eat the next day and Wes talks about how he thinks he is falling for Titmouse. Wes goes home and calls her to find what she is going to do that night. She tells him that she is going out and prolly to her normal places. Wes tells her that he is going out with Danny as boys night out and she interrupts to tell him, ďDonít worry I wonít meet up with you!Ē and then slams down the phone. WHEW, Wes has got him a winner here. How dare someone go out and drink even thought that is exactly what she is going to do.

Jo and Wes go bar hopping and end up making out all over the place. Wes has some of the most awkward dance moves I have ever seen! Maybe Nehemiah can teach Wes some moves assuming he has rhythm.

The next segment is more confusing than Rachel and her tirade. Wes is in the bedroom talking to Danny and Nehemiah. Nehemiah says something that is bleeped and Danny says do it for you. Nehemiah says no do it for America! Then Danny and Nehemiah push Wes into the little stall where the commode is. Is he relieving some tension? Why is he doing that for us?

Danny has decided to ask Rachel to go on a walk so he can get to know her better. She tells Danny that she doesnít think the others get her sometime and Danny asks to explain about being in Iraq. She tells him that no one knows how mentally tough it is to be on guard 24/7. All in all it was a good chat and now both of them feel better.

Just another dysfunctional week of idiots being idiots.

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