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The Real World: Austin - Episode 7 Summary

'What Else Can Go Wrong?' By batts
Original Airdate: August 2, 2005

Well, it starts out as a happy day for the seven roomies! After all.... its Valentines Day!

Danny sets out on a quest to make sure everything goes as planned for this 'lovers day' in the Paradise that is Austin! He has made reservations at the 'Oasis,' a huge restaurant overlooking Lake Travis, and Hippie Hollow, and sets out to make sure his dear Melinda has plenty of roses for this special day he has planned.

Rachel, and the others are talking about what a great day this is when Danny's Dad calls, and leaves a message for Danny to be sure and call today.
The girls are laughing & joking about their plans for the day. Rachel says "What a happy Valentines Day this is ending up being!"

The doorbell rings..... and the girls are all exited about what it could be on this special day. Could it be more melted Ice Mess? No.... "its Wine and Flowers for Joey." Our Lovely little Leo has sent Johanna suds and scents.

Meanwhile, Danny and Nehemiah set out on a quest for flowers for Melinda. Everything must go according to plan today, so money is no problem. After all, he just spent $99 on reservations at the 'Oasis', $50 on a new tie, and who knows what on cab rides, not to mention his new purty face implants -- what's 19.99 on a dozen roses?

After the flower shop bundles up his roses for him, the florist announces the price of the smelly purties....... $112.58!

"Um, What, didnt the sign outside say a dozen roses were 19.99?" ..... "Oh these are Long-Stem roses!" "Dont you know the difference dummy?"

Just a little side-note....... I dont think Danny knew the difference, but he just didn't want to let ON he didnt know! Now he's just about had enough of people abusing him, and decides to drop kick that florists @ over I-35! Nehemiah talks him out of it though, and convinces Danny that everything else will go smoothly today, his special day, on Valentines day with his lil blonde sweetheart!

As they leave the florist shop, the shopkeeper gleefully wishes Danny a heartfelt "Happy Valentines Day!"

Leaving the florist, Danny and Nehemiah ponder the events so far that day. Danny has unwittingly spent around 300 buckaroos, and it hasnt ended! "Where's my cab?" ..... ummmm, can they afford a cab at this point? They HAVE to. No if's, and's, or but's about it, they must get back to the house on time, with these wilting flowers, so he can get ready for his Valentine's excursion with Melinda, to the 'Oasis'..... so everything will go as planned.
Once back to the house, Danny delivers his "lesson learned" roses to Melinda, who, by the way, just woke up!

This is where Danny's day REALLY starts taking a turn. And I don't mean for the better...... He gets the message to return a call to his dad, who informs him "I got some bad news. Your mom died, she died this morning."
At this point, Danny is not hearing the words coming out of his dad's mouth. His mind is still reeling on those flowers he just shelled out $112.58 for, 50 bucks for a tie, 60 bucks for a cab, and his wore out feet.

"What?" Danny asks. His dad repeats what he said. Danny cannot accept this overflow of information. Who could?

At this point, in this episode, Danny's little 'real world' is turned upside down. Lots of thoughts go through his head in the seconds that follow. "Tell me your joking, Dad. Dad, don't play, don't play me dad... Dad... you're lyin!"

His dad guarantees him he is not lying.

Danny breaks down on the phone, and tells his dad he will call him back. Looking for support, he finds Nehemiah, who gives him his shoulder. Danny collapses on Nehemiah, and tells him "My mom died."

The only words that can describe Danny's state at this point is emotionally uncontrolled, but who wouldnt be? He just found out his mother died, that morning, when he was drunk. Thoughts of unresolved issues with his mom flood his head. The last conversation with his mom was four days earlier, that didnt seem to go so well.

Danny calls his sister (Kristin)

Danny: "I hate this place."
Kristin: "Why"
Danny: "I shoulda been home."
Kristin: "That has nuthin to do with it. She was so happy you were down there. She wouldnt want you anywhere else, you know that."
Danny: "I didnt even get to say goodbye!"

Danny goes on to tell his sister that he is coming home, and will be there as soon as he can.

As he slowly pulls himself together, he tells Melinda he's sorry Valentine's day was ruined. And with the next conversation he has with Melinda, he lets himself be a little more transparent about his mentality towards his mother. He confesses "I failed her!" 

Now keep in mind, this is a son, who thinks he has 'failed', and blames himself for the unresolved situations with a parent. The next statement he makes confirms this.

"I talk all the time about not having regrets.... regrets is the worst thing in the world. Now look what I have to live with! I will never forgive myself!"

How can a son..... who is barely 21 years old, blame himself for unresolved issues with a parent, who is SUPPOSED TO BE THE MATURE ONE? Didn't we hear that she had issues with drug dependency, and alcoholism?

Can any of us say we've learned a lesson from this today? To me, this is the saddest part. That the child in a family with problems is blaming himself for unresolved issues? I am really hoping he grows through this and doesn't let it affect the rest of his life, because that is an easy thing to fall into. Forgive himself? For what?

Poor Danny. Could anything else go wrong in such a short period of time? In just the 2 weeks he's been in 'Austin', he's had so much happen to him, he must think it's the city. If it were me, I might wonder if this city that I'm in, is cursed. If it were me, I would probably leave, and not bother coming back.
And guess what...... he might just not come back!

Melinda starts to realize this when she says goodbye to him at the airport, and starts to cry saying, "I hope and pray, he will come back...." well, guess what.... I got news.... I wouldn't. ... nope ... would you?

Find out next week on.... The Real World, Austin!

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