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The Real World: Key West - Episode 21 Summary

'King Kasib Makes An Appearance' By volsfan
Original Airdate: July 25, 2006

I would like to start with a very heartfelt THANK YOU to batts for writing the summary last week! It was a huge surprise, he did a great job and I really appreciated it!

Over the last two episodes, I have started wondering if this group is as grown up as we originally thought. Last week’s episode was just a mess (from my point of view) and this week’s show takes the leap off the cliff. At a point in time when I think the worst is over…things go downhill. Let’s see where this episode takes us!

Skinny Alert: Paula must be well fed this week as we do not hear as much as a peep out of her. Oh wait, she ate one peep (the Easter candy) so she is good for the next couple weeks.

Janelle is on the phone with her boyfriend and King Kasib (Janelle’s boyfriend) wants to come to Key West for a visit. Janelle is reluctant because they have been fighting lately. They argue and King Kasib (KK) calls her a jackass. Well, I can think of so many names that would be more disrespectful than jackass. Seriously, I wouldn’t have to dig deep in the bag to find a few words.

Jose and Jessica are out at a bar and Jose is really trying to get to know her. Zach tells Jose it is time to go home and they are off. Zach and Jose talk about how Jose has feelings for Jessica but Jose says he isn’t rushing things.

Janelle and KK are on the phone again and Janelle apologizes for the argument they had earlier. WTF? Janelle was called a jackass by THE jackass and she apologizes! I can see something wrong already but they both agree that KK will come visit this weekend. I am getting a headache already. URGH

KK arrives and Janelle picks him up at the airport. They arrive at the house with introductions and off to bed immediately! Janelle is all over him like fly on sh*t (maybe that is a good comparison after all) as she just “wants to be affectionate”. The woman is officially off her rocker! Why does she want to be with someone that is disrespectful and rude to her?

In another great movement by KK, he has the nerve to ask if the house curfew applies to him! KK isn’t any better than anyone in the house and who does he think he is? KK is there to see his “girlfriend” and why would he want to stay out later than her? KK needs to be brought down a notch or two and I wish someone would lower the boom on him!

Everyone goes out to a bar to have some fun but it is the beginning of the end. Jose and Jessica are out on the dance floor and Jose asks if she will come back to the house with them. She says she has to work tomorrow but a friend of the roomies says he will make sure she comes over.

KK is doing his own thing and totally ignoring Janelle. KK is hitting on a couple of girls and asks one of them to come back to the house with him. The nerve of this man never ceases to amaze!

Janelle pulls KK off the dance floor and tells him that she can’t believe he is treating her this way. KK says, “you had a bad attitude from the start”! Who the fvck has a bad attitude here? Seriously, dude thinks his carp don’t stink and I have no place on my TV for this total waste of air.

The bickering continues back at the house and KK says that Janelle is copping an attitude. He packs his bags and decides to leave. Janelle basically tells him to not let the door hit his butt on the way out.

Jessica comes back to the house to talk with Jose. They are sitting outside when Jose comes out with something great to say on a first date, “In all my relationships, I run the show.” Who the hell does King Jose think he is now? Who the hell wants to be told what to do by others, especially while in a relationship?

KK calls the house to say that all the hotels are booked and he wants to come back to the house for the night. Janelle tells him to go to the airport and fly home. WOW! What a heartless bitch! At least give the man a place to lay his head till morning.

Janelle repeatedly tells KK he is not coming inside the house (as he has made it back) and that she will call a taxi to take him to the airport. KK makes his way to the airport where he spends the night in a chair. I don’t know who thinks more of themselves…Janelle or KK.

Jose calls hi “girlfriend” back home to see where they stand. The “girlfriend” says that they are just friends and Jose tells her that he has kissed a girl while in Key West. The “girlfriend” gets upset and just really short with Jose. They hang up and the curtain falls on one of the messest episodes ever!


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