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The Real World: Key West - Episode 14 Summary

'Operation Beotch Takedown' By batts
Original Airdate: May 30, 2006

Lounging on the sofa, John and Paula are having a talk about her therapy sessions.

John confessional: "I think the fact that Paula is in therapy right now is working wonders for her. She is finally going to be able to start making changes to better herself."

John asks her if she has talked to her doctor about killer Keith yet.

"No, thats a whole other ball of wax" Paula says.

Paula is looking for advice on whether or not what killer Keith did to her could or should be forgivable.

She IS impressed with Johns caring and sympathetic ear. She doesn't remember the time he carried her off to bed and tucked her in, ...oh wait a minute... was that the time she passed out drunk, in the telephone room?

John tells Paula that talking to her is exhausting. Exhausting? What will be exhausting is the next time Walnuts gets drunk and flips out, explaining the
caliber of excellance of the womanhood of life
, or something like that... Exhausting is when the beotch insults you to your potential dates, then steals them from you, proclaiming her new lesbian cravings! Exhausting, is when this psychopathic, anorexic, dizzy bitch calls everybody @§§hÓle§, and describes your life story as... 'I got a small wiener'!

The next scene is in the 'Mystic Tan Salon', where we see John trying out the spraying room in his birthday suit. John is told to not open the door for any reason! But what does he do, first thing after the tan gets sprayed on? Anybody wanna guess? He 'accidently' opens the door, much to the amusement of everyone except Tyler, who seems insulted by the fact that John just HAS to vie for the attention that only Tyler himself has patents to.

Now let me get this straight -- no pun intended -- the only person there, out of the eight of them, that doesn't enjoy a peek at John's naked booty...
is the gay guy? To me, this doesn't make sense, unless Tyler has some uncovered issues.... (another no pun intended)

We see Zach and Jose get the spray treatment. I feel sorry for the editors of this show, because when Jose got his naked bootie sprayed, they had to blur some kind of demographic copyright written on the wall.... in front of him. Maybe it was a beer ad. Yeah, thats it.... and they had to blur the beer bottle out that was on the wall in front of his crotch! Don't you just hate those blurs?

In the car, on the drive home, Tyler is talking about John and jokingly asks "Who does this guy think he is?" He is beside himself with the fact that John has stole some limelight from what is supposed to be on him only.

Svetlana confessionals that John is a "goofy goofy guy", and just wants to have fun. "I don't mind laughing with him or at him, but that bothers Tyler alot, because Tyler likes to be in the spotlight, and when he's not in his spotlight, he doesn't want anybody else in it."

Tyler tells the girls that he's a better person than John. At the house he continues his tyrade of backstabbing, directing all karma towards John Hatred!

Tyler: "Basically, Johns motivation each day is to eat food, sleep, and have sex. He's basically a Neanderthal, with a brain the size of a pea!" "Most people," Tyler continues, "would find him egregiously obnoxious."

Well, my, my, isn't Tyler good with the long @§§ words. What the heck does egregiously mean anyway? Does that mean, like, very obnoxious? Or does that mean, like, volcanic eruption, nuclear explosion obnoxious?

Paula tries to defend John by saying "We should just respect each other more." Oh, please, .....Pot meet Kettle. Isn't this the same Paula Walnuts that calls everybody @§§hÓle§, and insults everybodys Oscar Meyers?

Tyler then goes to talk to Jose, and they sit, talking, on the dock of the bay, watching the tide.... rollin away... Tyler is still dissin Johnny Bananas, and Jose has been trapped into Tylers little pi§§y hi§§ tyrade of backstabbing.

Tyler calls John "exacerbating".... there's another of them long @§§ words again. What is up with Tylers vocabulary? I looked exacerbating up in the dictionary, and it says it means annoying, or irritating. So why doesn't he just say.... "John is annoying." or "John is irritating." ?

Later that night, Svetlana tells John of Tylers backstabbing ways, leaving John wondering why Tyler talked smack about him rather than confront him face to face.

The next day, Paula gets a package from Keith, filled with several bags of Paulas favorite Walnuts Peanuts, and an expensive bottle of Paulas favorite wine.  Paula calls Keith to tell him how exited she is about her package. "I'm gonna keep the bottle forever" she tells him.  Keith asks her if she misses him NOW? She wonders if she should save it for when he comes down to visit.

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