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The Real World: Key West - Episode 10 Summary

'It's ALL about Paula' By batts
Original Airdate: May 2, 2006

Fitz and Walnuts are in the pool having a 'heart to heart', and Paula is telling Svetlana how John told her she "can be okay." Paula is admitting that John has given her some really good advice, and she sees that, and acknowledges it. She tells Svetlana "It's really opened my eyes up!"

Brrrring... Brrrrrring... It's Dr Covan calling to schedule an appointment for Paula. Dr. Covan is a Clinical Psychologist and can really help Paula. He asks her, "Can you tell me what I can do for you?" She asks him if he can make her some mashed potatoes, with a lot of cream gravy on top.... ok, ok, I'll stop. She makes an appointment with him for Wednesday, providing no hurricanes hit or levees break.

Our next scene takes us to Zach and Crystal (Zach's crush) in a hammock.....

Just a Swangin!

They are talking about love, life, and happiness. They do some cuddling, which progresses to the bedroom, where we see more cuddling, and mushy stuff.

Later on, Zach, and John are in bed.... their own separate beds of course, talking about Zachs love life.

John tells Zach "Crystal wants you in the relationship mode like ASAP, dude."

Zach says he doesn't want that.

John Confessional: "Zach doesn't know what he's getting himself into with Crystal."

John tells Zach that he's like a dad to Crystal, not a boyfriend.

John: "You're like DAD."

Zach: "I'm not DAD."

John: "DAD, Dude!"

Zach: "Oh, my gosh, I'm DAD? I'm DAD!"

They both lay there and giggle like little schoolgirls till they get bored with themselves and fall asleep.

The next night in the bar, Crystal and Zach meet in the bar, where Crystal tells Zach she wants to hang out. Their conversation is cut short again as Paula's desperate attention whore status kicks in, where we see her dangling from a banana tree outside, and waving to any passerby's that happen by.

Tyler confessional: "Paula has a hard time expressing her emotions."

Cameras zoom in on Paula grabbing a utility box and humping the electrical grid container, controlling the traffic lights.  "Expressing her emotions?" Um... shes humping an electrical conduit box, for goodness sakes!

They're back at the house now, and we see Paula running around, screaming "You're all being th @e!" She tries to write something down, but finds she cannot operate the cap on the end of the ink pen she's trying to use. She then gives up, and decides that caps on markers and ink pens should not exist.

Paula then jumps up and down chanting "Make me peanut butter, Make me peanut butter."  John tells Jose that when she gets this way, she isn't Paula, she's Paula Walnuts.

Paula kicks the cabinet door and starts hopping around the house like the Easter Bunny.

John Confessional: "It's kindof upsetting that when Paula gets to a certain point in drinking, you can't look at her the same way or rationalize with her as you can when she's sober."

Now Paula calls clueless back home, to tell him of her doctors appointment tomorrow.  She tells him "I just don't want him to say that I'm not fixable." He tells her she's fixable.

She starts talking in her American Idol Paris Bennett voice like a little schoolgirl, lost in a snowstorm, and starts talking about pillows, and pumpkins. She then kicks over the marble phone stand, which falls over and breaks the phone.

Ok, so much for that telephone call, he didn't wanna talk to you anyways, you dumb eotch.

I have to ask everybody. Did ya'll hear that Clang sound? Wouldn't it have been funny if that marble phone stand had hit her head instead of the phone? Ding Dong! I'm sorry, thats so wrong of me. I take it back. It wouldn't have been funny at all. Nope... not at all...

The roomies come in to see what the 'CLANG' sound was to find Paula looking at the receiver like it insulted her, only to find a broken phone. Paula says "I broke the phone" and walks away. She then starts insulting everyone, and telling them to just die, or be sad.

Our roomies are trying to fix the phone, and Paula rages on.

"Kiss my @... Kiss everybodys @, nobody respects you anyways." And may I ask, how many people are going to respect Paula for her unrelenting insults?

She then tells Zach "Your True Hollywood Story is 'I have a little wiener', and Crystal thinks he's boring. She then makes some strange grunting sounds, and flips everyone off.

Janelle tells Walnuts "th, you broke the PHONE!" Janelle has had enough of nutcase, and decides it's time to open up a can, yes .... a can of  whoop@, and drop kicks Paula's Walnuts back to the beach!

Later that night, Zach and Crystal are having a 'heart-to-heart' talk in bed. Zach is concerned that Crystal wants to get serious, and he talks code to her, explaining how he just wants to have fun, and explore... something...  whatever, I don't know. You know me and that code talk.

The next day Tyler drives Paula to Dr. Covans' office. She's nervous, and worries that she can't be fixed. She's probably worried about the around $95 dollars an hour she's going to be charged, each time she goes to see him!

Dr Covan: "So what can I do to help you?"

Paula : "I don't know." *sheepish look*

Hey Paula, I got some free advice for you. Don't play the 'I don't know' game with someone who's charging you $95 dollars an hour.

After some prodding and probing, the doctor extracts some information from a helpless Paula, and tells her she can be fixed.

Paula: "I don't think it's gonna happen."

Dr Covan: "If you think that, then you may be right."

Back in the Key West Mobile, Zach is describing his hookup with Crystal, with John, and Jose. The dialog between them is a little strong for this summary, but let me just say, that laughs and high fives are shared after Zach declares a home run.

Meanwhile, Dr Covan decides he's had enough of Paula and prescribes the 'Feeling Good' handbook.

Dr Covan: "It's not a 'Fun Read' book, It's a self-help book, and the best book to help you with your depression." He winds up the meeting with making an appointment with her for next wednesday, same time.

Back with the roomies, Paula talks about her session with the shrink. "He's trying to help me understand the way I think. He was saying 'You're really depressed.'" "I didn't even think I was depressed."

Paula: "I hit rock bottom, I can only go up."

Will Paula do the exercises in the 'Feeling Good' handbook? Will she get to page 729? Will she learn what thinking errors are? I got news folks! My guess is that she will never get to page 56 which talks about Hypochondriasis and Dysthymic Disorders. But... I guess we'll have to see next time on...
The Real World, Key West.

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