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The Real World: Key West - Episode 13 Summary

'The Greatest Business Woman Ever!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: May 23, 2006

The Real World Key West has been a welcomed relief to the drinkfest that has preceded this season. Even though it has been fun to watch there hasn’t been much drama as some of the excitement seems very well developed by the editors at MTV. However, this episode gets a little heated as Jose has taken all he can! Let’s see what happens.

Skinny update: Paula seems fairly laid back and not as stressed out. I think this comes from her eating a green bean, red-hot and a half glass of milk. Paula will not have to eat for 3 more weeks!

The episode starts with Jose making a “to do” list for the opening of Mystic Tan. Jose says an assistant manager needs to step-up and be part of the team. Janelle is telling Zach that if Jose isn’t doing anything she would like for him to hand out fliers to local businesses. This is the “set-up” as I am sure there will be drama around what Jose is actually doing for the upcoming opening. Damn MTV editors have NOTHING on me!

Slutty and Skinny are shown sitting in the backyard talking about Jose. Slutty thinks Jose isn’t as mature as her and Skinny says Jose is very insecure! OMG! Hold on for a second while that sinks in. I am going to type this slowly so be sure and read as such. Slutty thinks Jose isn’t as mature as her and Skinny says Jose is very insecure! OMG! The nerve of these two wenches saying ANYTHING about someone else. Slutty thinking Jose isn’t mature has to be one of the funniest lines ever mumbled on this show! However, Paula thinking Jose is insecure…WTF? This has been said by someone that doesn’t eat for three weeks in fear of gaining weight. WTF? I haven’t laughed this hard in 3 years! LMAO.

Being the greatest businesswoman to ever grace television, Janelle takes it upon herself to inform Jose of all things he is doing wrong and how to do them correctly. Jose gets a little defensive but doesn’t really say anything for the way he is being treated. I have to admit that it wouldn’t have taken me long to pull the bitch out of the bag and put Janelle in her place. “Her place” you ask? On her back like all good sluts!

Tyler has 4 friends come to visit from back home and they all seem very easy going. There are a couple of very cute guys and 2 attractive girls and they all go out drinking to have some fun.

I can’t even begin to explain how it happened but once back at the house a food fight takes place. There is chocolate syrup and some kind of red sauce all over the floor. As the editors continue to work overtime, we are shown a little tiff between Skinny and Jose. Nothing major said here but we are getting primed for the main event! The segment ends with Jose screaming, KISS MY ASS! in his best “Paula” voice.

Janelle begins to simmer in her own sour juices when Jose tells her that he has been going around to local businesses leaving fliers. He then says that he went to a “couple” of hotels. Janelle vents to Zach that Jose is doing half of what she was planning to do! Firstly, Janelle told Zach earlier that she wanted Jose to go to the businesses. Secondly, she said she would go to the hotels. Thirdly, if Jose has done half of what she h ad planned then she was going to visit FOUR fvcking hotels? Fourthly, just because Jose went to a couple of hotels didn’t/shouldn’t affect her plans at all.

Ty goes out to eat with his friends and he dishes about the roomies but the best story of all is about the greatest businesswoman to have ever walked on this planet…Janelle. Janelle says she took the job of PR Director of Mystic Tan…PERSONAL RELATIONS DIRECTOR! I am LOLing again! What was that I said earlier about her being on her back?

Everyone goes out dancing and Janelle decides it is time to go home. She starts barking orders for everyone to leave and then she gets all bent out of shape because no one is walking fast enough. Paula asks, “Why are you being so dramatic?” Janelle whips, “I am not being fvcking dramatic!” Um…what do you call it then bitch? You appear to be very upset and dramatic that no one is doing exactly what you want them to do!

The drama continues as Janelle screams at Jose, “What the fvck are you guys doing? COME ON!” Jose goes off on her and demands for her to leave him alone. I seriously can’t understand what is being said because they are screaming at the same time and there are so many F words that the “beeps” make it impossible to follow.

A few things I don’t understand:

· Why was Janelle in charge of the clock?
· Why did everyone have to leave together?
· Why did Janelle think she needed to monitor how fast others were walking?
· Why doesn’t Jose wake-up in my bed every morning?

Back at the house, Janelle is telling John and Ty that they do not need to try and get her to talk with Jose because he has burned a bridge! Who the fvck does she think she is? Usually, one burns a bridge by upsetting someone that could help them in the future. What the hell can Janelle help Jose with other than lying on her back? I don’t think that is it either because Janelle isn’t good enough for Jose!

Ty and Janelle dress in bikinis for the grand opening of Mystic Tan. Hey, it is Key West! They have food and a marching band performing in the street. It appears to be a huge success as there are people everywhere!


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