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The Real World: Key West - Episode 20 Summary

'Can Somebody Please Come Pick Me Up?' By batts
Original Airdate: July 18, 2006

I'm going to surprise Vols with doing the summary this week... and without his permission! This will be a milestone thresd for me. It took me almost 3 whole years to break the 1000 mark, but here I am, still, watching the Real World! I always hope I never get banned for my cheesy, as well as seedy humor in my summaries.... but I do it for you guys! I hope you enjoy. And feel free to disagree with me on how I defend some of the characters! Here goes...

The Mystic Tan Salon has re-opened, all cleaned up, and ready to paint some more customers. However, since the last hurricane has hit Key West, not too many islanders are interested in tanning, as they are busy cleaning up the island from the storm damage.

So.... with this in mind, Tyler is single handedly putting together a promotion that he hopes will bring in some customers.
Zachs parents and sister have arrived on the island, and are visiting the house when Zach announces that he has invited Amanda Beard, who is a 7 time olympic medalist, to come to the salon on friday, to do a promotion for the debut of Speedo's Axceleration Line of swimwear. He is co-ordinating this effort on his own, and considers this something he can do to make the Mystic Tan Salon survive.

Tyler confessional: "Hurricane Wilma has destroyed everything so this event is the one shimmering hope that could possibly save our business at the Mystic Tan."

Svetlana, and Paula, take the SUV, and leave Tyler stranded alone at the salon. Now keep in mind that Tyler needs to get home and get on the internet to research ways to advertise a promotion for his event he's trying to sponser with Olympist Amanda Beard.
Svetlana and Paula are riding around in the SUV, laughing at Tylers efforts on the promotion event meant to save the Salon. Paula tells Svetlana "This whole Amanda Beard thing isn't going to be successful." "It's going to be so funny when it fails."

Let me ask you guys... what kind of an attitude is that? Is there any positivity in those comments? My take on this.... they are hoping Tylers efforts fail. Did anybody notice this? Talk about a failed support structure!

Svetlana and Paula take the scenic tour of the island, and finally get to the Mystic Tan Salon to pick up the stranded Tyler, and blames the fact that they left him there, as a "miscommunication."

Back at the house, the roomies are co-ordinating plans on using the one vehicle they have to get around. They seem to make an easy situation complicated, but the facts are...
*Zach wants to take his family out to eat and
*Jose wants to go to the gym.

Tyler is supposed to take Zach and his family out, go to the gym to pick up Jose at 9PM, then go get Zach and his family. But to make a long story short, Zach and his family isn't ready to leave the house until 9:15 PM, and Tyler gets them to the restaurant at about 9:30 PM.

Now, if you guys will notice, once at the restaurant, Tyler asks "Does anybody have Iron Bodies number?" John asks Tyler (rather venomously) "Why do you need Iron Bodies number?"
Tyler responds calmly that he was supposed to pick Jose up 30 minutes ago, but because of Zachs family dinner party running late, Jose is stranded at the gym. He's calmly advising the gang there that Jose needs to be picked up, if he's even still there.

Now, for some reason, John gets a pissy attitude and states Well, whatever bro, I don't want to hear about it, I don't wanna hear any grief from you bro." .... and storms out of the dining area in a huff.

Now, from MY point of view, I would have seen that as John storming out of the restaurant to take care of the Jose/Gym situation. If I had been John, I would have grabbed Tyler, and said "Let's go get Jose!" ... but that's not what happened. From MY PERSPECTIVE, John got all bent out of shape, and immaturely stomped out, not even giving Tyler a chance.
This is MY summary, and I'm going to tell it like 'I' see it!

So John goes to look for Jose at the gym. No Jose. John finds him walking along the road in the dark, and picks him up. John lies to Jose, telling him "He didn't even want to pick you up dude." He also gives Jose the impression that Tyler could care less about how Jose got home. Jose believes all that John tells him.
What John didn't tell him is that Zachs family/restaurant ordeal didn't start till after 9PM, and didn't get to the restaurant until well after that, where, at THAT POINT, Tyler brought up his concern over the Jose/Gym situation, where John stomped out of the restaurant, leaving Tyler a little bewildered at Johns rude reaction to Tylers concern over Jose!

So put that in your cup and cook it!

The next day, John seems to have some kind of chip on his shoulder as he tells Zach how he's so pissed off at Tyler for not going to pick up Jose. Zach apologizes for his family running late, but John blames the whole Jose/Gym situation on Tyler.

Jose and Tyler sit down for a talk about what happened, and Tyler tries to explain that they didn't get out of the house until after 9PM, and didn't get to the restaurant until well after, where he brought the Jose/Gym situation up.
Tyler still doesn't know that John has a rather nasty chip on his shoulder for him.

Svetlana decides it's time to acknowledge Janelle's maturity over her own, and gets together with Janelle, and tells her how mature she is, and how she looks up to her. Brak Brak Brak.... she's just wanting to be buddy buddy with Tylers friend, so that later on... Janelle might think twice about sticking with Tyler. I doubt if that'll fly for long though....

Tyler is preparing for the Amanda Beard/Mystic Tan Salon event, and is cooking up some yummy dishes, and plates of whors-doerves, however you spell it, and is getting ready to take all his plates of goodies to the Salon. He is still totally oblivious of Johns chip on his shoulder, and anger management problem, when John suddenly states "You're just going to leave this mess like this?"

At this point, Tyler is wondering what Johns sudden problem is, and is speechless.
John: "You don't want anyone to help, dude, you just wanna do everything so you can be like 'SEE WHAT I DID' dude!"

I got news for you John. From the way I see it, it looks like you were helping in the kitchen, and Tyler didn't have a problem with that. And from the way I see it, if you wanna help with a promotion, just jump on in there, and participate with a positive attitude! But is this attitude you're pulling with Tyler at this point positive in any way?

Tyler, is trying to process where this sudden venomous attitude is coming from and asks him if this is about the other night, with the Jose/Gym situation?

John continues his tyrade: "Tyler, dude, I don't even wanna talk to you right now. I don't even wanna hear your voice. Don't even talk to me. Just shut up, just shut up!"

Tyler: "Well, don't act..."

John yelling now: "I can act however I want dude! Don't tell me how I can act!"

Tyler: "Well, you are just being rude..."

John waving butcher knife and yelling: "You're calling me RUDE? Dude, you're the most inconsiderate piece of CRAP I've ever met in my life! Just shut up!

Now we see the person we knew as JOHN turn into a person called JohnSatan, hacking away at porkchops on the counter with a 2 foot long butcher knife he keeps randomly waving in the air, and pointing at Tyler.... so can I ask you guys......
who's the RUDE ONE?

Tyler keeps asking him where all this anger is coming from, but JohnSatan will have none of that mature talk, continues to Yell, Rant, and Rave at poor Tyler who is clueless as to why John is acting this way.
Tyler: "John, what are you angry about, just streamline what you are angry about..."

If I haven't been 100% accurate as to the events, and what was said to this point, be sure to tell me, okay?

John: "I don't even want to talk to you, much less look at you! You act like you OWN the Mystic Tan Salon. Your voice irritates me, and if you say another word to me, I'm going to
Drop kick your @ OVER HIGHWAY 1!"

Tyler decides that John is just another
straight dude gone bad, and cannot talk reason with him, so busies himself with the preparations to the fun event of the evening.

The event that evening is hardly called a success, much to the glee of the snickering Svetlana, and Paula. Amanda Beard is there, signing a few autographs, and the gang is just 'hanging out' waiting to see if more than 8 people show up for the event. Janelle asks Tyler what he did to promote the event, or if he even told anybody about it. Tyler says he had the High School and the local University make announcements advertising it. Janelle explains that she wishes he would have said something about needing help with the advertisements, so she could have helped in some way.

Back at the house, Jose talks to Tyler about being so "Diva", and brings up the issue with him and JohnSatan.
Tyler explains that the reason he reacts in what they percieve as 'Diva', is probably because of how he grew up in an un-accepting, heterosexual world, and that is the only way he knows how to react to situations like the JohnSatan incident.

I noticed a lot of negative comments in the message boards about Tylers so called Diva Defense, and I understand that line of feeling, however.........
Try to put yourself in Tylers place. Just for a minute, think about how you would react to someone hammering on beefsteaks on a chopping board with a 2 foot long butcher knife, which is waved at you by an angry, yelling, Lou Ferigno, body builder type person, who, when you ask him what he's angry about, you're told to "shup up, I don't even want to hear your voice!" Tyler had no clue that John could turn into a raving green Incredible Hulk, and turn on someone so one sidedly, without even trying to hear the other person out. The way I see it, and feel free to disagree, but Tyler had no way to communicate a mature conversation with someone who fly's off the handle like that.

Anyway, to wrap up this summary, Ricky calls to tell them that Ford has replaced the flooded out Mercury Milan, with a new Mercury Milan, which brings relief on all the roomies who have had to struggle with transportation situations in the last week.

Tyler and John finally set down to talk and Tyler tells John that the environment he grew up with, he never got to have the kind of relationship with his brother, that he thought he could find with John, so he explains to John that when JohnSatan blew up at him like that, it set him back to a time when he was growing up and dealt with the rejection that he felt back then.

.... and hey, for all who doubt Tylers sincerety, try walking in the shoes of someone like Tyler, during Middle School and High School years. Some of you have no idea.... what it's like, and some of you do....

John: "I want you to know that the reason I got so mad, is because I care about you so much dude."
..... yeah, right, that explains why you told him to just shut up ten times, that you don't even want to hear his voice, because you care about him so much. That explains why you flew off the handle, waved the knife around, ranting and raving, about how Tyler was the biggest piece of crap you've ever known.... because you care about him so much...
...rolls eyes...

Tyler explains that he doesn't want to be seen as just
the Gay Tyler, and wants to be known as 'one of the guys', and accepted by others, regardless of his sexuality.
Tyler and John hug, and make up, and all is well again, as John sees for the first time, a fragile Tyler, wanting to be just 'one of the boys'....

Next week, we get to see an angry Janelle Drop kick her visiting boyfriend out of the Real World House, back to the Ho-Tel!

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