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The Real World: Key West - Episode 16 Summary

'Hurricane Home Depot' By volsfan
Original Airdate: June 13, 2006

As the season has progressed, we have seen each roomie show a side that we hadn’t previously seen (some more than others) and I think this has helped me make it through. We get one or two episodes about one roomie and then a different problem arises for someone else. Whose turn is it this week? Let’s get to the summary and find out!

Skinny Update: Skinny has been seen licking on a Chicklet earlier but the small piece of gum can’t be found so it is believed to have been swallowed. Skinny may be ok for this week but I feel a major story developing here soon if she doesn’t get something else to eat…FAST!

Ricky (the Mystic Tan guy) has called a meeting with the roomies to discuss the upcoming citywide (and nationally known) party known as Fantasy Fest. During this segment I get totally lost on the words being said as John is sitting in a chair with his legs spread very wide. I spend the best part of the segment trying to determine boxers or briefs…I think he is going commando!

From what I do hear, I think the roomies are going to have some type of float with a tanning booth. They are going to have beautiful girls enter but have men dressed in drag come out. This could be cute if they can pull it off as John takes the lead role in developing the float.

Janelle, John and Zach go to a costume store to get stuff to wear on the float. However, John doesn’t act enough like an adult for Janelle to be happy. Janelle is too good to be seen dressing up as something immature like a cheerleader but John will fit the bill. John comes out of the dressing room in a cheerleader uniform with pom poms in tow. (John does announce that he can’t jump too high because he isn’t wearing underwear…so I guess I have better eyes than I thought!) This urinates off Janelle just enough to be ready to leave. However, I must say that John has a very nice body with a sexy happy trail!

The roomies go out to eat and John starts making sexual innuendos towards Janelle. Janelle doesn’t say anything but it is obvious that she is a much better person than John and would never stoop to his level to date him.

The next two scenes make me LOL every time I see them. John, Ty, Ty’s friend from back home, and a local friend go to The Homo Depot to buy supplies to build the float. John and the local friend are waiting on Ty and back home friend just inside the door. Ty and back home friend enter the door just as the sensor alarm goes off. As Ty hears the alarm he screams, “Are homosexuals not allowed?” Ty honey, you will learn as you get older that there are many of us homosexuals shopping at The Homo Depot and shopping for more than home décor…umkay?

The second scene is even funnier as we see the shopping spree end in the parking lot of The Homo Depot. Ty decides that he needed 416 boards of Styrofoam (looks about like a 4’ X 6’ piece) and they have to tie them to the top of the SUV. Ty gets 415 of the boards loaded when a big puff of wind blows off the top board. Before anyone can move, two more boards blow on top of Ty with him shouting, “OH! My mascara!” One-by-one the boards go flying through the parking lot with Ty running around flailing his arm like Mary performing a drag queen version of Like A Virgin…you know…touched for the very first time!

Slutty calls to say that Martin’s dad died and she is coming home and the roomies are reading about the 24th tropical storm of the season. Seriously, that is exactly how it happened on the show with hardly any transition…weird editing IMHO.

In one of the biggest WTF moments of the season we find out that after 15 episodes the roomies have been going to a gym to workout. Why has it just now been mentioned? I remember Ty going out swimming and stuff but no mention of anyone else working out…no? During the segment, John makes more sexual statements to Janelle. He wants to help her take off her pants. Janelle (in her “I am too good for you” voice) keeps rejecting him.

Slutty made it back in town just in time to go out drinking before the hurricane hits. There is a local place that is having food and drink specials before everyone has to start preparing for the storm.

After dinner and a few drinks Ty and John go skinny-dipping (damn the blurs!) in the ocean with Janelle wearing her bra and panties. John sneaks up and removes her bra and Janelle is furious. She acts as if she has been violated by something the size of Texas. Seriously, she just showed her boobs to friends. Everyone has boobs and I don’t think it is that big of a deal. Was it wrong? Sure! But, it really wasn’t as big of a deal as Janelle is acting. This coming from the lady that would be on her back faster than a rich “daddy” type could unzip his pants. Her act is getting old!

We have to watch John grovel at Janelle’s feet and lick them clean before she will accept his apology. After all, John isn’t worthy to touch anything but her feet.

Hurricane Wilma is now a category 5 storm and heading for the Keys! The roomies decide they have to pack-up and move inland.

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