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The Real World: Key West - Episode 12 Summary

'Paula IS Nuts!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: May 16, 2006

So far? This season has been interesting to watch, as the roomies appear to be more mature and responsible. However, have the editors been working us up to this? Will Paula get the help she needs? Let’s find out!

Skinny update: The alert level has been increased to level orange or in other words…a warning has been issued for Key West. It appears Paula hasn’t eaten this week and everyone needs to be walking on eggshells as she is about to blow (and not in a good way)! Please hide all Saltines!

The show starts at the tanning salon where we find out that opening day is tomorrow! Everyone is helping put the final touches on the facility. John announces that he volunteers to be the “lab rat” and test the tanning method first. He dances around in black boxer briefs but say he is going in “buck nekkid”

NOTE TO JOHN: With a body like you have would you please go shirtless more often? However, don’t let certain places get too much tan ifyouknowwhatimean.

Back at the house, there is a discussion between Janelle (yes there is a Janelle in the house), Jose and John about John’s tan and whether his ass got tanned. John pulls his shorts down and asks Jose if it is tanned. Jose doesn’t really answer butt Janelle says it didn’t. John proceeds to say that Janelle wants to “take a bite out of that!” Maybe we have found something Janelle does and an explanation as to why she has been invisible so far. She bites ass and MTV can’t show it because of the censors.

Opening day and all seven roomies are there for the big day! The previous night, everyone went out to party and for some reason John didn’t go to bed. John takes a pillow from the sofa and goes to the back to take a nap. This lifts Skinny into a bit of a tizzy because they have a serious job and John isn’t taking responsibility for his job. To top it all off…everyone else thinks it is funny for John to be napping.

NOTE TO SKINNY: Are you freakin kiddin me? Skinny hon, you are in a tanning salon that is no more than 200 sq. ft. and with 6 people it is crowded. Seriously, how many people does it take to run a tanning salon?

All the roomies go out to party that night and since Skinny hasn’t eaten…somebody better watch out! Skinny drinks herself into a frenzy and starts screaming, “KISS MY ASS!” to anyone in ear shot. However, on the van ride home Skinny breaks out a can of whoop ass on John.

Skinny starts by telling John that he should have worked instead of slept. Jose tries to calm her down but Skinny says, “FVCK THAT! KISS MY G*% D%#&^ ASS!? Skinny continues to yell so much that I can’t understand her until she maneuvers in front of the camera to say, “Hi, my name is John and I have a small penis and my b$%%s are the size of walnuts!”

NOTE TO SKINNY: Hell, I would love to have testicles the size of walnuts…that would be HUGE! Also, John could be a “grower”…just sayin!

Skinny goes on and on until John has had enough and comes back with a few good lines:

Line #1: “I’m Paula, my waist is 6” around and I pick my scabs because they won’t heal!”

Line #2: “I’m 24 but I have a 3 year old scab because I won’t let it heal!”

Line #3: “I haven’t eaten for a fvckin week!”

All this brings the van to silence as no one has a come back. Paula is in tears and we have a commercial.

NOTE TO JOHN: Way to go! WOO and HOO that someone finally voiced what we have been saying all along. Butt, please don’t let Paula trick you into apologizing to her!

Back from commercial and Jose has had enough. Jose tries to calm down Skinny with no luck. Skinny is raging mad and takes it out on Jose until she screams (in reference to John), “He is acting like a raging lunatic!”

NOTE TO SKINNY: Excuse me bitch, at least John is ACTING! Hell, you have lunatic down to an art form and have the nerve to suggest someone else is loony tunes. You are a wench that HAS to be put in her place.

The entire segment is of Skinny screaming at anyone/everyone to “KISS MY ASS!” over and over and Jose telling “Tasha” to calm down.

QUESTION: WhoTF is Tasha and how many nicknames do we have for this twisted wench?

The next day, John and Ty have a chat and John decides he doesn’t want to be around Skinny when she drinks.

NOTE TO JOHN: When she drinks? Hell, I don’t even want to see her on my TV much less when she drinks. When she drinks?

The rest of the episode is Skinny asking everyone if she started the argument. She can’t believe that it was all her fault. John finally talks with Skinny and tells her that he doesn’t want to be around her when she drinks. She basically says she thinks it is a good idea for him to not be around when she drinks. *rolls eyes*


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