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The Real World: Philadelphia - Episode 20 Summary

'Did Everything Stay In Fiji?' By volsfan
Original Airdate: February 1, 2005

I started the day by attending a funeral. However, I can’t think of a better way to lighten my mood than to bash these nincompoops! So…LET’S BASH!

As the plane touches down in Philly, Willie tells everyone that he really misses Philly. Yeah right missy! That’s like saying you miss getting a root canal! I sure hope Miss Thang isn’t serious.

Karamo says that back home he would never call a sister slutty but he had to come here to find that one sister (Shavonda) that would slut herself out. Well Karamo, I don’t know where your spectrum is nor do I know where you fit in it. However, I can assure you there are plenty of women willing to slut themselves out for Landon. At least he doesn’t threaten to slit the throat of…oh wait..sorry.

Shavonda calls Shaun for the first time since returning from Fiji. The two have a little small talk and our resident slut decides to come clean. She tells Shaun that she kissed someone. Shaun asks who, did something else happen, and if she had sex. All to which she said nothing. Later she admits it is Landon and Shaun decides that it is over! Thank goodness! Does this mean I never have to see Shavonda with that damn phone to her ear? One can only hope.

Slutvonda and Landon are in the computer room looking at the pics of their trip. The pics are really beautiful. However, whatever happened in Fiji stayed in Fiji because Slutvonda and Landon go to bed and sleep separately.

BTW, am I the only one that wants to see Constantine? The previews are shown here and look very interesting. Also, I love Keanu Reeves! NUMMY!

Back in the computer room, Landon and Shavonda are going down memory lane again. Landon says that night was a climax of emotions. From the way I remember, there was a climax but was emotion part of it? I think a couple of young horny peeps got together to get rid of some pent-up frustrations.

As Shavonda talks about the night she says, “I don’t know if I regret it.” WTF does this mean? Should she regret it? If there are no regrets then I think Shaun isn’t the one for Shavonda. I also think this tells us that she has more feelings for Landon than she claims. Landon tells her that it is her decision where they go from here.

Karamo tells us that he has been missing the hip-hop culture and that he is going dancing with Ed. Ed is a Puerto Rican man that is more hip-hop culture and urban. Ok, I am getting so tired of hearing about Karamo’s hip-hop culture! This arrogant label queen (gays that only wear label brands) is beginning to irritate me. Karamo really thinks he is better than everyone else! I am going to quote Karamo here, “It’s just so nice to be around somebody else…than my roommate’s friends (Willie and his gay friends). They’re great people…but they’re all white queens. I’m used to a little more hip-hip, know what I mean?” Um no DAAAWWWWG I don’t know what you mean. I wish someone would take his hip-hop culture and pound it over his head until all the crap between his ears is lying on the ground around his Tims!

Karamo and Ed are shown sucking face all over the bar. Finally, Landon takes Ed back to the house and introduces him to Shavonda, Landon and MJ. The three are very surprised that Ed is not black! Landon actually says that Karamo is full of crap! Hey Landon, I am working on that…do you know how to swing a good hip-hop culture?

Next we see Karamo and Ed in the shower sucking face and lathering up each other. Wow! I guess Karamo isn’t better than any other slut I know. Hell, he gave up the nappy dugout quicker than a bitch in heat!

Sarah, Willie and Shavnonda are talking about Karamo. Sarah tells them that Karamo told her(Sarah) yesterday that he(Karamo) hates Shavonda. Sarah says that he said this 3-4 times. Sarah also states that with the slit Landon’s throat and other hateful things, Karamo is an angry person. You know, we gave Sarah such a hard time early on this season. Maybe we shouldn’t have. How many times has she been the voice of reason?

Well at this point I have good news and I have bad news. Good news? Shavonda and Shaun have broken up for now. Shavonda says that she knows she will be alone when she goes home. She is doing this because she feels this is the thing to do. Bad news? We found this out while she was talking to Shaun on the phone. I guess we have more hours of this phone whoring thing.

Karamo and Ed go out to get to know each other. Karamo admits that he has never dated outside his race nor has he ever had a friend outside his race. Has this man ever done anything outside his race? He later confesses that he came there to get to know his roommates but doesn’t really care about that any more. I must admit this is one of the most narrow minded gay person I have ever seen. How selfish and ignorant is it to not want to learn others’ beliefs and thoughts?

Shavonda and Landon go out dancing. Shavonda goes over and starts dancing with a group of guys. Landon dances with a very shapely blonde. They end up at the bar and Shavonda asks, “are you gonna bring girls into the house?” Landon replies, “No, I am going to hook-up with you!” They leave the bar holding hands. I guess what happened in Fiji got brought back to Philly after all.

There was a segment that was around 1 minute long that I really have no clue what is said. I have watched three times and every time I get carried away. MJ is standing looking down on the bed where Shavonda and Landon are lying. Shavonda is under the covers but Landon is lying on top of the covers in nothing but his boxers. After watching three times I can report that nothing can be seen through the hole between his leg and said boxers! Every time I run this segment my eyes get drawn to that spot. If something happens here would someone post it to help me out?

Landon and Shavonda go to take a shower. Damn, that place is seeing some action tonight! Landon and Ed go to brush their teeth and they hear the action. This is where Karamo says that Shavonda and Landon are adults and he no longer has a problem! I guess my theory is right, as long as Karamo is getting action everyone else can too!

Next week? Mel’s friends are back!


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